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The Bazaar of the Bizzare


Postponed !

This date has been postponed. Please check in with us for the new dates!

The Artisan Bazaar



At the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington has been postponed. Check here for updates!

Spadina House Museum Gatsby Picnic


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July 4, 5th 2020

Spadina House Museum Gatsby Picnic

On the Grounds of this beautiful mansion in the heart of Toronto hosts as costumed encouraged Gastby Picnic. Go to the website for more details and tickets....after the covid-19 safety measures calm down. Updates will be here when available.

Coldwater Steampunk Fest


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August 7, 8th

Steampunk Fest, Coldwater ON

The studio/shop will be closed both of these days.

Link below for more information.

Our favorite steampunk fest and we are excited. We will be costumed and showing a special collection of steampunk and Victorian hats. Custom orders will be available here. More information at Coldwater Steampunk Fest

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