Hello, This is Meaghan Armstrong!


Le Petit Chapeau is my company I started in 1998 with a desire to create beautiful unique hats. I love to source luxury fabrics like silks, linen and wool to make vintage inspired hats for everyday wear or for your special day. I have many years of working as a costumer for theatre as well as a Fine Arts degree which means that we can combine our imaginations with my skills to create a truly original peice for you. 

We do more than custom  and ready to wear hats though. Our ever expanding hand made items from our stationary department, our beauty and skin care department and our vintage finds for men and women contribute to our Le Petit Chapeau lifestyle. Won't you join us?




Hello, This is Sara Czech!


I joined Le Petit Chapeau in 2010 and was trained as a milliner on the job and I haven't looked back! I love using quality fabrics and materials to create these wonderful hats and other great things. The attention to detail and skill executed by our company really makes me proud to be a part of it and the creativity that we get to express every day is the best part of the job. Meaghan encourages me to stretch my skills and keep learning like she does and we, as a team, just keep getting better. I hope you take home and love what we make as much as we do.



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