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Who is Le Petit Chapeau?

My name is Meaghan Armstrong and I've been making hats professionally since 1998.

I am often asked the same question of how I got started in millinery. I always knew I wanted to be a production artist, and I loved theater, costumes, and sewing so it came about in a very organic way. I really do think I was destined to do this if I look back on my life and the paths I have taken.

How does that help you though? I enjoy and believe in what I make so much that I am always striving to create at my highest possible level. I challenge myself to keep constantly learning so that I can say with confidence, yes I can make that for you!

Beauty can be expressed in the simplest of ways and I know that it can make the world a better, brighter place. The deeply felt understanding all of this goes into everything I make.

I firmly know that there is a hat for everyone, for every purpose and that it should fit, so I make them fit. That is, after all, the most important thing. 

Let me make your hat dreams come true.



A picture of Meaghan Armstrong, shop owner in a red print dress and a large red straw hat.
A white square, a pink band at left, a black drawn Eiffel tower. Text reads, Le Petit Chapeau.
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