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Measuring Your Head

"I finally have a hat that fits!

Thank you so much."

Linda M

It’s very important to measure your head correctly.  There are a few things that you need.


  • A flexible measuring tape such as a dressmakers tape.  These can be found in any sewing/hobby shop, dollar stores, department stores and any other stores that sell a mending kit or simple sewing supplies.  Try your mending kit first if you do not sew.

  • Your hair styled in a similar fashion to how you would wear it when you wear your hat. ie: If you always wear a bun and you are looking for something to fit over it then measure with the bun in


Measuring Technique for  Hats

Hold the end of the tape against the middle of your forehead with one hand.  The tape needs to be snug against the head without anything between the tape and your skin.    With the other hand, wrap the tape around your head just over the ears and overlap the the end at the centre of your forehead.  Do not pull tightly.  It should be snug but not uncomfortable.  Hold the tape on the spot where it overlaps and note the number.  This number is your head measurement. 


There is always a slight variance since they are all handmade.  In our soft sewn hats up to 3mm can be added through gentle stretching and a little steam from the kettle.


Le Petit Chapeau works in metric. Traditional hat sizes vary country to country so we prefer centimetres in order to ensure the best accuracy.

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